Big Brown, Vince Young, the U.S.Open, Wimbledon, and R &R

by on May 27, 2008 updated May 27, 2008

 Big Brown now has his hoof stitched together with stainless steel wire. The repair seems to be holding according to his trainer, and Big Brown is ready to make his play for the Triple Crown. It seems strange to me that Big Brown is the first horse to have a shot at the TC since 1978. Seems like contenders come along about as often as quarterbacks like Vince Young.

 Speaking of Vince Young, there’s a story out on the wire that the Tennessee Titans quarterback contemplated retirement after his rookie season. For about 10 minutes.

What do I want for my R & R trip in June? U.S. Open golf tickets. Cathy are you reading this?

How is it that Roger Federer has never won the French Open? Ye gods.

Speaking of tennis, keep the late part of June to the early part of July open for Wimbledon. Mom, are you reading this?


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