Big 12 Controversy and an Uneasy SEC?

by on December 2, 2008 updated December 2, 2008

 So which team should represent the Big 12 South in the conference championship. Should it be the Texas Longhorns, who’ve made a case for themselves all year long? Or should it be the Oklahoma Sooners, who’ve come on so strong in the past few weeks? Rather than get into an argument let me say this: Pollsters and the people who create rankings like hot teams. Who’s hotter than Oklahoma? Especially after they blew away Texas Tech, and undefeated and #2ranked team at the time of the contest?

As for the SEC it seems obvious that Alabama Crimson Tide is the clear choice of an SEC winner and BCS Championship berth correct? Not so fast. Florida is a team that can get hot and beat anybody. Should the Florida Gators lambast the Tide, the whole BCS deal blows up in our faces again. Isn’t there a better way? Oh Yeah, it’s called a playoff and nobody wants that right?


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