Bengals Tickets – Palmering it Off on Dalton

by on September 3, 2011 updated September 3, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals tickets will have a different look it seems. While the words of Carson Palmer seemed to fit the role model of an NFL player looking for a big payday, it appears that Palmer really did have enough of the Bengals organization. Early last year Carson Palmer began talking of his desire to be traded. While we hear these empty threats all the time, Palmer meant it.

The Cincinnati Bengals refused to trade him during the off-season and now, well, they still don’t have him. Carson Palmer has not showed up in the Bengals camp and all indications are that he will retire from the NFL as a Cincinnati Bengal. An unwilling Cincinnati Bengals.

But if Carson Palmer wanted to come back it wouldn’t be good. His performance over the last few season hasn’t been great. And the Cincinnati Bengals have rallied around rookie quarterback Andy Dalton. And with 1st Round pick A.J. Green the Cincinnati Bengals are showing signs of a new look. So Palmer has pretty much eliminated his chances of walking into a Bengals locker room and getting any respect. It all adds up to starting over for Cincinnati Bengals tickets. Which may not be a bad thing in the long run.


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