Bengals Tickets “Catching” On

by on July 28, 2010 updated July 28, 2010

 Well, it’s official Cincinnati Bengals tickets will feature some real divas on the receiving end of the ball come the 2010 NFL season. Yes, the mercurial Bengals have signed mercurial receiver Terrell Owens, beginning a new chapter in the career of the well traveled T.O.

 On paper it looks good. T.O., while not the player he was, staill has enough talent and experience to be a viable target for a quarterback and a real concern for an opposing defense. Paired with Chad Ochocinco the Bengals now have two legitimate playmakes on the field for Carson Palmer. And let’s not forget Antonio Bryant, who Bengals officials say is getting healthy and should be ready for the regular season. All in all, it looks like the Cincinnati Bengals could field a potent offense in 2010.


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