Bengals at Texans Tickets | Preview

by on January 2, 2012 updated January 2, 2012

Bengals Texans Playoff Tickets

Bengals at Texans Playoff Tickets bring a new twist to the NFL Playoffs. For what is the first time in my memory anyway, since I don’t have the time or patience to look this stuff up, there will be not one but two rookie quarterbacks playing against each other in the Wild Card round. The Houston Texans would much rather have Matt Schaub under center I’m sure but for the Cincinnati Bengals, they’re just fine with Andy Dalton. So as you ponder your Bengals vs Texans playoff tickets, ask yourself the question of which NFL rookie is going to take the next step.

The Cincinnati Bengals have come to expect big things from Andy Dalton. the rookie has shown plenty of poise in the pocket and enough arm strength and accuracy to confound an NFL defense. What Dalton can rely on is a solid offensive line and an attacking defense from the Texans. The bengals have a decent but not great running game that will have to step up if fans want another round of Bengals playoff tickets.

The Houston Texans are working on quarterback #3 in this playoff game but he’s shown plenty of potential. T.J. Yates in fact was taking snaps when the Texans clinched their division title and engineered quite a comeback, throwing the winning TD with minutes left in the fourth quarter. But again, this will be the biggest show of either rookie’s career and it remains to be seen who’s going to be able to handle the pressure.

One thing is certain. Either the Texans or Bengals will be moving on to the next round with a rookie quarterback. That means a trip to Baltimore or New England and another huge step up in class. The Super Bowl is in sight and Bengals vs Texans playoff tickets are a good bet to see into the future of the AFC quarterback hierarchy.

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