Bengals Clinch AFC North, Eliminate Ravens

by on December 29, 2013 updated December 29, 2013

 The Cincinnati Bengals have accomplished a major goal, winning the AFC North. They also twisted the knife in the Baltimore Ravens, sending the defending Super Bowl Champions home for the season. Cincinnati took a close game and blew it open in the second half, scoring a 34-17 win.

Cincinnati Bengals Playoff Tickets

 Now, NFL playoff tickets are in the hands of Bengals fans and the next item on the list is the biggest one. The Bengals would like to actually win a playoff game. It’s been over a decade since Cincinnati has been in the win column after the regular season.

 While the win seems impressive, and it is, the Bengals have to be concerned about the up and down qualities of Andy Dalton. Sometimes superlative, sometimes shaky, Dalton turned in a two touchdown performance against Baltimore. He also turned in four interceptions. In the NFL postseason that will kill you.

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