Beleagured Dodgers Hang On

by on May 6, 2011 updated May 6, 2011

Man, the LA Dodgers are a mess. If you remember, and how could you forget, there’s been an ongoing struggle between owners about who’s going to get controlling interest in the team. The epic McCourt’s court battle is like a slice of legal advice wrapped up in a newspaper with stinky fish. Can anyone say pre-nup? Anyway, the latest news coming out of that hell-hole is that the Dodgers won’t be able to make payroll at the end of this month.

The way it looks now, the LA Dodgers are going up for sale in some fashion. Which means that this War of the Dodgers, which has been waged in the courts of California and I assume the bedroom of some fancy neighborhood in LA, has been all for naught. It appears neither of the McCourts will end up owning the Dodgers. That’s a shame, though neither seems to have shown any talent for running an MLB team.

But it’s classic isn’t it?. A piece of valuable property. A divorce. Lawyers circling like sharks and guess who ends up getting a bundle? The lawyers. Everyone else gets jacked.


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