BCS’n in Kuwait, Rogers Retort, Romo’s Romance and Tigers Tops

by on January 8, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 Got a chance to watch the BCS National Championship game with the troops last night. Broadcast time was 4:30 am Kuwait time. Pretty decent crowd watching the game despite the early kickoff. I thought LSU was clearly the better team although they got off to a slow start. Let me be clear here: LSU was better then Ohio State on this particular night. The Buckeyes are a great team, will be better next year, and have a lot to look forward to from Chris Wells.

 Meanwhile, in the MLB, Roger Clemens has filed a lawsuit against the people accusing him of steroid use. Where will it all end? In court of course, where everything in America eventually finds its way.

 I see that some Cowboys fans are worried that Tony Romo will expend all his energy romancing Jessica Simpson. Get real. How long could it take?

Golf News – Tiger Woods is ranked #1. A shocker!!!

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