Baseball Tickets – The Summer Schwing in the NL

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MLB Baseball Tickets


Now let’s take a look at baseball tickets in the National League of the MLB. Remember, attending a Major League Baseball game in the summer is a rite of passage. Treat yourself and your family to the ballpark. If you can, catch one of the contenders. In the National league you’d be looking for:

The NL East is currently owned by the Atlanta Braves who have an eight-game lead over their two nearest contenders. Thos contenders would be the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Senators. In fact, the race for the #2 spot may be the most interesting aspect of the NL East. Both teams are struggling to keep themselves above the .500 marek and it’s been a job so far this season. With a Wild Card at stake it’s going to get pretty hectic not too far down the road.

The NL Central is just a shade tighter. The St. Louis Cardinals are the current frontrunners. BUt lurking a mere handful of games back are two teams that could push the issue. The Cincinnati Reds especially, have enough firepower to make a go of it. I’m not keen on the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s a team tat will have to make a believer out of me. And of course there’s the lovable Chicago Cubs, who you have to pull for even if you know it’s kind of hopeless.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are making a show in the NL West, leading the San Francisco Giants by a couple of games. I’m at a lsoo here as to what it will take for the Giants to make a run. They’ve got the firepower but can’t seem to get it all together game after game. It’s early yet though. Let’s not forget the Colorado Rockies who are a mere two games out of 1st place. Could the NL West turn out to be a three-way race in August?

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