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by on June 11, 2013 updated June 11, 2013


MLB Baseball Tickets


Baseball tickets are a summer ritual and there’s some good stuff going on right now in the ML. Let’s take a quick scan throughout the league and get an update on what’s happening with our leading teams.

The AL East always draws exceptional talent. That’s due in large part to the history of the team, such as the rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. This summer the AL East is especially interesting. For one thing the Yankees aren’t blowing everyone away with major spending. In fact the Yankees currently sit in second place, three games behind the Red Sox. The Orioles aren’t too far behind New York and even Tampa Bay in fourth is a mere six games behind Boston. That’s a tight race and with plenty of games left the AL East is wide open.

In the AL Central there’s a little more separation. The Detroit Tigers have a five game lead over the Cleveland Indians. The other teams though, are tightly packed, the next three divided by only a game apiece with Minnesota running a little further back. If there’s anything else of note it’s that Detroit is the only team in the AL central to boast a winning record. Don’t be looking for Wild Cards to come out of this division.

The AL West is featuring a very interesting race between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics. Two games leads tend to evaporate quickly and Texas is facing a tough lineup in the next couple of weeks. With basically a game between them and the Athletics there’s very little breathing room there.

Overall, conference wise, the Red Sox and Rangers seem to be the cream of the crop. That will almost definitely change between now and October, especially if the New York Yankees get healthy. Right now the drama is squarely in the East. Take a swing over to our baseball tickets page and set yourself up for a summer outing in your favorite Major League Baseball park. It’s the American way.



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