Baron, Bonds, Busch, Da Bears, and Da Bulls

by on July 2, 2008 updated July 2, 2008

  Baron Davis has clipped the Golden State Warriors, opting out of his contract and appears ready to sign with the LA Clippers. The injury prone Baron, who I detested when he was a member of my home town Hornets, in my humble opinion, is more trouble than he’s worth. He’ll have to keep his head on straight and stay on the court, and have his best years as a pro to justify the $65 million he’s allegedly being offered.

 The MLB Hall of Fame has received the famous Barry Bonds record breaking ball. Someone paid 3/4 of a million dollars for this steroid enhanced spheroid. Why couldn’t I have met that guy when I sold Insurance?

Kurt Busch is on a roll, winning NASCAR‘s Lenox Industrial Tools 301. The win puts his streak at 1.

I’n really hyped up about watching the Chicago Bears this season and I’m not even a Bears fan. What’s the reason? The Bears drafted a kid named Matt Forte out of Tulane. Forte played pee-wee football with my son and has a great chance of being the Bears starting running back in 2008. Continuing my love of all things Chicago is the fact that my daughter will soon be attending a basketball camp run by Chris Duhon of the Chicago Bulls. Duhon was a fixture at basketball camps attended by my son many years ago when he was a high school player. We have pictures of him holding my daughter when she was just a baby. Two good kids from a small town in Louisiana making the big time in the Windy City. Who’da thunk it?


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