Bold Prediction for the NFC West

updated August 25, 2012by August 25, 2012

  [maxbutton id=”11″]   Last year was San Francisco’s year.  They were almost unbeatable until the Giants finished them off in the NFC Championship Game.  They were very impressive, and Jim Harbaugh showed the NFL that he means business.  Almost every single NFL and ESPN analyst says that the 49ers will destroy all competition in […]

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Mile High Miracle Worker

updated August 20, 2012by August 20, 2012

  [maxbutton id=”11″]   Peyton Manning has already solidified his spot in Canton at the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.  He’s won a Superbowl ring.  His statistics are eye-popping.  But, his first two gigs in the preseason with the Denver Broncos didn’t look so good.  He’s thrown three interceptions and no touchdowns.  Now, if this was […]

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It Must Feel Good To Be A Chiefs Fan

updated August 20, 2012by August 18, 2012

  [maxbutton id=”11″]   Last year was everything but a good time for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Even though they were a game away from winning the division, it just fell apart in the end with no playoff appearance.  At least they were only one of two teams to beat Green Bay.  Now, imagine that […]

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Colts Don’t Need To Be Lucky with Luck

updated August 18, 2012by August 18, 2012

  [maxbutton id=”11″]   If you asked a fan of football if RGIII or Andrew Luck would win the Rookie of the Year Award, nine out of ten people will say RGIII.  Usually, that’s followed with them saying that Luck will have a better career, though.  I would disagree with one of these points.  I […]

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AFC North Preview – Pittsburgh Steelers

updated July 22, 2012by July 22, 2012

  [maxbutton id=”11″]   Last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers posted a nice record of 12-4, which didn’t win them the AFC North unfortunately.  They also lost to the Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos in the first round of the playoffs.  The future of the Steelers still looks steady and ongoing for fortune. The Steelers are […]

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