2014 Colts Tickets – They’re Hot, …and Luck…Y

updated August 21, 2014by August 21, 2014

    Indianapolis Colts tickets were hot when Peyton Manning was around. It seems as if the Indianapolis Colts have pulled off a rare feat in the NFL, which is choosing two Pro Bowl caliber quarterbacks back to back. Make no mistake, Andrew Luck is the engine behind the Colts and after two season is […]

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2014 Ravens Capture the AFC North ……. Probably

updated August 20, 2014by August 20, 2014

    The 2014 Baltimore Ravens could very possibly recapture the AFC North. There, I said it. I know everyone has their eyes focused on the Cincinnati Bengals, looking for that major breakthrough by a team that’s overdue, but….I don’t know. Here’s a disclaimer. I like defense and in the world of NFL football it’s […]

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Tennessee Titans – Can Jake Locker Wake Up?

updated August 19, 2014by August 19, 2014

      The Tennessee Titans are operating under a new head coach in Ken Whisenhunt, the man who revived Philip Rivers in San Diego. They’ve also added Jason Michael, former tight ends coach for the Chargers to the mix. The question is: Can Whisenhunt make Jake Locker a premiere NFL quarterback? Locker has had […]

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Football Tickets – Around the NFL

updated August 18, 2014by August 18, 2014

      Some quick hits from around the NFL.   There’s some concern in the 49ers world about their poor performance in the preseason. The Niners have been blasted in back to back games, suffering from almost non-existent offensive output. Of course, the word out of the 49ers camp is that there’s nothing to […]

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2014 Titans – Time for Change

updated August 15, 2014by August 15, 2014

    The 2014 Tennessee Titans should be a changed team. The franchise is now operating under new management at all levels. Long time owner Bud Adams is gone, though the Titans still are owned by the Adams family. In addition, that new ownership took a bold move, firing Mike Munchak  and making what may […]

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