NFC South – Can the South Rise Again?

updated November 13, 2014by November 13, 2014

What the hell happened to the NFC South. In recent years this division of the NFL has been  a terror. It’s also been as competitive a division as you’d find anywhere in the NFL. The 2014 season is a marked departure. 1) In 2013 the NFC South put forth two of the best teams in […]

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NFL Tickets – Bills vs Dolphins Preview

updated November 12, 2014by November 12, 2014

The AFC East is owned by the New England Patriots and has been for some time. Currently New England holds a two-game lead in the division so this Bills vs Dolphins contest is basically a running shot at a Wild Card spot in the playoffs. The thing is, the Wild Card race is packed with […]

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NFL Tickets – I Missed the Biggest Upset of Week 10

updated November 10, 2014by November 10, 2014

    Jets Upend Steelers 2-13   In this week’s upset picks in the NFL I went with the Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Miami Dolphins. I missed all three. After going 3-0 last week and expressing the idea that statistically things would even out, I got blasted. In doing so I missed the […]

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NFL Upset Picks – Week 10 – Tickets to See the Dogs Bark

updated November 8, 2014by November 8, 2014

OK, I had a great week with my upset picks in Week 9, hitting three out of three. So I’m pretty apprehensive in picking Week 10. After all, these things have a way of evening out over time. When you’re picking NFL tickets, and which games to attend to catch the biggest upsets, taking a […]

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Cleveland Browns are Barking – Win Over Bengals Sparks a Fire

updated November 7, 2014by November 7, 2014

24-3 Win Over Bengals Could Be a Season Changer (At least the end of an era best forgotten)   A few days ago I wrote a preview of the upcoming Thursday Night NFL game in which I put forth the idea that a victory by the Cleveland Browns over the Cincinnati Bengals would be a […]

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