NFL Upset Picks Week 12 – Browns, Ravens, Cardinals and Bucs

updated November 22, 2014by November 22, 2014

    Well of course I blew the chance to make the upset pick of the week, coming down firmly on the side of the Kansas City Chiefs. So naturally the Oakland Raiders get their first win of the season. I swear, if I had to make a living doing this I’d be standing on […]

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Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders – Tale of Two Cities

updated November 20, 2014by November 20, 2014

The Oakland Raiders have a chance to do what no other NFL team has managed to do in 2014, which is go 0-11 and set themselves up for a run at a 0-16 season. Meanwhile Division rival Kansas City is now trying to add to their 5-0 run and gain themselves some edge over the […]

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Super Bowl Tickets – Who Has a Shot?

updated November 17, 2014by November 17, 2014

    Super Bowl tickets are dancing in the minds of many NFL fans right now and rightly so. There are some teams out there deserving of a shot at the ultimate prize. In the NFL, reaching a Super Bowl is a combination of talent, game planning, and to a large degree, luck. Avoiding injury […]

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NFL Upset Picks Week 11

updated November 14, 2014by November 14, 2014

 Vikings, Falcons, Buccaneers, and Eagles Win Straight Up     Week 11 is upon us and I’m now trying to recover from the last set of NFL upsets in Week 10. To gain confidence I’m still reaching back to a 3-0 performance in Week 9. The NFL is a tough game and picking winners is […]

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NFC South – Can the South Rise Again?

updated November 13, 2014by November 13, 2014

What the hell happened to the NFC South. In recent years this division of the NFL has been  a terror. It’s also been as competitive a division as you’d find anywhere in the NFL. The 2014 season is a marked departure. 1) In 2013 the NFC South put forth two of the best teams in […]

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