Australian Open Tickets – Spotlight on Daly

by on August 19, 2009 updated August 19, 2009

 Some golf nuts like Tiger Woods. Others love Mickelson or Yang or whoever. Me, I’m a John Daly guy. I just can’t resist the combination of golf greatness and total insanity he brings to life and the game. I know that the things he’s done have taken a great personal toll on him. The alcohol abuse, the loss of income, etc. But there’s just something about the guy that makes me pull for him to make that improbable comeback to the golf mainstream.

 That’s why it warms my heart to see that Daly has announced he will return to the Australian Open in December. Coming on the heels of his withdrawal from the PGA Championship, where a bad back laid him low, it’s somewhat of a surprise. But Daly is saying he should be fine by the time the Australian Open rolls around. As you recall, this is where Daly introduced a spectators camera to a tree, bothering the golf authorities enough to do…nothing. Justifiable they said, as the spectator had been harrasing Daly all day. It was some off the course antics that got him a six month suspension. If nothing else the return of John Daly breathes some life into the tradition and manners bound game of golf. he’s the kind of guy you look at and wonder “What’s he gonna do next?” My kind of guy.

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