Auburn Tigers Tickets – From All Angles

by on November 9, 2010 updated November 9, 2010

 The Auburn Tigers have been on a roll, with may thanks to Cam Newton. because of that success, the Auburn Tigers are being attacked from all angles. The latest comes in the form of accusations that Newton was guilty of academic mischief at Florida. Think about it. If Newton and the Auburn Tigers weren’t on top of the SEC would anyone care? Since they are what do you think the chances are that someone with a grudge against the Auburn Tigers wouldn’t start slinging mud? It looks susopicious to me. I have to assume that before Auburn accpted Newton, they asked a few questions about his past and his behavior. To think that a program not long removed from sanctions wouldn’t do some digging is just not reasonable. The kid is a great player. Leave it at that. I seriously doubt that any of these accusations will be proven because I believe it’s just mudslinging from sore losers.


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