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Atlanta Falcons tickets haven’t hit their peak yet. It looks like the Falcons are going to enjoy an unprecedented ride to the playoffs. Even now Falcons ticket holders are enjoying a 7-0 record, which is new territory for this franchise. I thought it might be interesting to examine the rest of the Falcons schedule and see where this whole thing might lead.Here in order are the remaining weeks of the Falcons schedule.

Atlanta welcomes the Dallas Cowboys to the Georgia Dome on Sunday night this coming week. Seriously, is anyone afraid of the Cowboys? Probably not the Falcons.

While the Saints and Falcons usually play pretty tight, 2012 could be vastly different. The Saints defense is terrible and the offense is hitching along, sometimes looking good and other times, as in Denver, looking like a three legged golf cart. The Falcons have assumed the throne in the NFC South and New Orleans shouldn’t be a problem.

At 4-4 the Arizona Cardinals are sinking fast. A win over New England might be the highlight of their season. The Falcons have everything the Cardinals don’t.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 3-4 and though Josh Freeman has improved his play in the last couple of weeks, the Bucs don’t have the depth and breadth Atlanta has shown.

New Orleans, again. Except this time in the Georgia Dome. Read the above.

The Carolina Panthers could be a good team but they aren’t and it’s not just the pouting of Cam Newton. The whole team is underperforming.

The New York Giants pose a real threat to the Falcons. The Giants get hot at the end of the season and have more success in meaningful games. This could be a stumbling block for the Falcons.

The Detroit Lions have no consistency and no team harmony.

Again, the Buccaneers. Read above.

The Atlanta Falcons probably won’t go undefeated. Somewhere along the line they’ll stumble, probably either against the Giants or in a divisional games such as New Orleans or Tampa Bay. But they’ll win the NFC South and have every chance at securing a #1 seed. But with the Atlanta Falcons yu’ll then be holding your breath waiting to see if they can get the playoff gorilla off their backs.


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