Atlanta Falcons – Keeping Up With the Saints

by on August 21, 2012 updated August 21, 2012


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In the NFC South you have to keep up with the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons seem determined to do that. I just finished reading an article on Yahoo about this scenario. Here it is. Basically it’s an overall view of the many options available to Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in the upcoming 2012 season. The list looks like this: Michael Turner, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzales, Roddy White, inĀ  no particular order. Now I’m going to give you my point of view as to why I believe this is highly dubious.

1) Matt Ryan isn’t Drew Brees. At no point in his career has Ryan shown he can step up in big games. yes, he’s pulled off some comeback wins. BUT, in the biggest of games, namely the postseason, Ryan is pitching shutouts.

2) To allow a quarterback to pass you have to have a viable running threat. Michael Turner isn’t that anymore. He’s looked weaker and weaker each season and was non-existent at the end of last season. Where does that leave him in 2012?

3) Julio Jones must stay healthy. Good luck with that.

4) Gonzales. Don’t have a bad word to say about him but he’s pretty much signed off on this as his last season. If anything, he’s the most reliable guy Ryan has in his corner.


If there’s a good side to this it’s that the Atlanta Falcons will be operating under a new OC in 2012 and that could change all these factors except Turner and Ryan. Turner won’t get better. Ryan is capable of being much more effective and doesn’t have to be Drew Brees to make this offense work. But it would be nice.

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