A-Rod – Guilt by Association

by on June 4, 2011 updated July 5, 2014

At what point do we begin questioning the guilt or innocence of someone? Does just hanging around a known bad guy make you a bad guy? Is it possible to spend time with an individual and not participate in questionable or illegal behavior? Of course it is.

I ask this question because A-Rod of the New York Yankees is now getting looked at by the media for one simple reason. His cousin was seen at the hotel where the Yankees were staying during their recent trip to play the Athletics. Said cousin has been linked to incidents of steroid abuse and considered by Major League Baseball to be someone best avoided.

But consider the position of A-Rod. Is he supposed to just blow off this cousin and never see him again? How many of us have relatives with a shady past? It’s kind of hard to just write off your close relatives, as much as we’d probably like to do it. I’m going to give Alex Rodriguez the benefit of the doubt on this one. I can’t see him becoming embroiled in another steroid scandal at this point. It’s my firm belief that the MLB has for the most part addressed this issue and players are very conscious of the consequences involved in steroid use, both to themselves and to the game of baseball. That dark period is now behind the game of baseball and nobody wants to see it come back.

There is no guilt by association here as far as I can see it. Just a guy who got a black sheep in the family but hey, blood is thicker than water.

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