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by on January 30, 2012 updated January 30, 2012

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Los Angeles Angels tickets took a major leap in the payoff factor the other day when the Angels ponied up and signed Albert Pujols away from the St. Louis Cardinals. It came as a shock to some, as the Cardinals fans I knew figured Pujols was going to hang around at a hometown discount and keep the Cardinals in contention for the 2012 MLB season. But alas, amid many tears Pujols picked the warm weather and sunny clime of California as the area to ply his trade, to the delight of Angels ticket holders and the dismay of Cardinals tickets holders.
On the face of it this move puts the LA Angels into contention almost immediately. After all, Pujols pushed his former team into the World Series with his spectacular performances at the plate. Obviously the Angels figured he could bring a little of that magic to the West Coast. But it’s a big challenge for anyone to justify the kind of contract the Angels put on the table. Paying any baseball player $254 million is going to invite some big criticism shopuld the expected magic fail to unfold. But if there’s a good bet to be made then Pujols is probably it. 11 years into his career, all with St. Louis, Pujols is hitting .335 with 445 home runs and 1,329 RBI’s.
But if you’re the skeptical type you’ve got some stats to back your position. Over the last few years we’ve seen thos amazing numbers back off a bit, easing down the ladder on a continual trend. The question of course is whether the new contract and the new atmosphere can arrest or even reverse the almost inevitable declines of age. That process means that Albert Pujols will probably spend more time as a DH than guarding a bag, another factor that makes you question the wisdom of spending big bucks on one player who’s on the plus side of 30. But the amazing thing is just the idea of Albert Pujols in an LA uniform has Angels tickets flying out of the box office. And that’s worth something to a franchise that finished out of the money last season.

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