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by on January 5, 2013 updated January 5, 2013


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Andy Reid probably had as short a time on unemployment as you’re going to find in this day and economy. Hell, he probably didn’t have enough time to fill out the papers before he was picked up and signed by the Kansas City Chiefs. Obviously, the wisdom of this move will be played out in time. But it does raise a ton of interesting questions.

Can Andy Reid make Matt Cassell a better quarterback? When the Chiefs signed Cassell away from the Patriots I thought it was a good move but maybe I was wrong. Either Cassell needs a system like he had in New England or the talent around him was so good any average quarterback could make things hum.

Has Michael Vick got a better shot in KC? The Eagles couldn’t put together an offensive line. The Chiefs is pretty good already and their running game is in good shape? Maybe Vick can operate under those circumstances. But maybe Vick and Reid won’t ever see eye to eye again.

What Andy Reid really needs is someone to pick and sign talent. The failure in Philadelphia can be traced back to that weakness. Reid is a very good X’s and O’s coach but he needs players that can execute, just as does every other NFL team.

Overall, I think this is a good move for the Chiefs. Even if Reid doesn’t win the Super Bowl soon, he can at least restore some respectability to a franchise that desperately needs it.

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