An Alternate Universe – NBA Style

by on August 18, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

┬áPay close attention here. There is a physics experiment, very popular, that uses photons to prove the existence of an alternate universe. Not only an alternate universe but an infinity of alternate universes. It must be true and I’m living in one of them where it makes good sense for the Washington Wizards to offer Gilbert Arena $111 million to play for six years. In this same universe the Clippers rejoice in paying Baron Davis $65 million for five years. Also in this universe the Miami Dolphins have won the past four Super Bowls, Red Sox and Yankees fans toast each others success, and Al Davis has firm control of the Oakland Raiders. The federal deficit is non-existent, Republicans and Democrats agree the war in Iraq must be won by force, and every little girl on the Chinese gymnastics team is OBVIOUSLY 16 years old. Also, George Bush never accepted a nickel of oil money and Bill Clinton passed on a chance to visit a sorority. It’s a great universe isn’t it?

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