American League East

by on May 4, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

Call me Mr. Obvious but it seems to me that the American League East is going to be on roller coaster of a ride in the 2009 MLB season. It wasn’t too long ago that the Boston Red Sox were mired nat the bottom and looking might suspect. Then they rip off a dozen or so straight games and look like kings. Now the Toronto Blue Jays are back on top, riding a three game winning streak, and the Red Sox are back by a trifecta. Somewhere in this shuffle are the New York Yankees, loaded with paper talent, but performing like, well, paper lions.

And let’s not forget the Tampa Bay Rays who performed so well last season. 4th place just doesn’t seem to fit them and after beating the Sox last night, and with Carl Crawford stealing bases like John Dillinger, the Rays could easily go on a tear. This might be one of the more exciting races in the last decade of baseball. Four teams, all capable of superb performances, all in the same division, and all looking like teams capable of a World Series if they can find any consistency. This my friends is what it should always be like.

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