NFL Playoff Tickets – AFC Results

updated January 4, 2015by January 4, 2015

  The first round of the NFL Playoffs is over and the results are in.   ¬†Colts vs Bengals – The Cincinnati Bengals went into this thing hoping to end some bad streaks. It didn’t happen. The Indianapolis Colts went into it hoping to garner a date with the Denver Broncos. That did happen. ¬†Andrew […]

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NFL Tickets – 2014 AFC Predictions

updated July 28, 2014by July 28, 2014

    The AFC seems to be already set in the top four spots. After that it gets crazy. Much more so than the NFC, there’s room here for one team or another to make a surprise move. Without further ado, here are our top picks, in order, for the AFC.   Denver Broncos– No […]

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NFL Tickets – 2014 Denver Broncos Tickets and Preview

updated July 4, 2014by June 25, 2014

  Broncos Tickets Lead the AFC   Broncos tickets buyers enjoyed the second best NFL season a football fan can get and that’s the rub. The Broncos rolled their way through the regular season, posting a 13-3 record. From there it was on to the NFL playoffs where a win over the San Diego Chargers […]

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NFL Rankings – Week 3 AFC Wrapup

updated September 17, 2013by September 17, 2013

The AFC East. What can I say? The New England Patriots are 2-0 but I’ll be jinxed if I can say they look good doing it. Tom Brady is in a frenzy and the receivers are just barely adequate to beat the Buffalo Bills. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand just put up a […]

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NFL Tickets – Eric’s Totally Stupid Predictions – AFC

updated August 24, 2012by August 24, 2012

    The nice thing about this job is that I get to do totally off the wall stuff, like predict which NFL teams are going to make the playoffs. I know there’s a ton of writers out there doing this, most of whom are probably better at it than I am. But if you […]

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