AFC West – No Coach Named Norv

by on November 8, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 Let’s face it. Nobody wants to own the AFC West. At least, there doesn’t seem to be a team that’s deserving of winning it. The Denver Broncos currently own the top spot by virtue of their win over the Cleveland Browns. But can anyone really point at the Broncos and call them a Super Bowl contender or even a playoff worthy team. The defense is atrocious, the offense sputtering.

Right behind the Broncos are the San Diego Chargers. Once heralded as the most talented team in the NFL the Chargers have been tops on my list of underperforming teams. Followers of this column will well know my theory on the Chargers. NO TEAM WITH A COACH NAMED NORV WILL EVER WIN THE SUPER BOWL!

The Raiders? What a joke. Until Al Davis releases his death grip on the Raiders reins this franchise will be mired in ineptitude. As for the Kansas City Chiefs? Well, there is hope in the future. Herm Edwards is a good coach but he’s got a lot on his plate and his injuries at quarterback have pretty much denied him the chance for any cohesion this season.

So who takes the AFC West? The Broncos by default followed by a quick exit from the playoffs.   

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