AFC South – Chargers Climb the Hill (Again)

by on July 11, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

┬áSan Diego Chargers -In the NFL the San Diego Chargers are the biggest underachievers in years. They’re loaded with talent at every position, they’ve got an offensive guru at Head Coach, and the road to the playoffs goes through what’s been a relatvely weak division. They are faced with one major hurdle though, which I pointed out last year. No Head Coach named Norv will ever win a Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos – Since winning their last Super Bowl the Broncos have been in a drought. Somehow, you’d think Mike Shanahan would find a way but he hasn’t. Again, you won’t see major player changes in Denver, everything’s happened on the coaching staff. That may, or may not, cure their defensive problems but it’s not likely. Oddly enough, Denvers draft didn’t include a D-Linemen pick until the 5th Round, strange for a team that can’t stop the run. Shanahan wil have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to have a chance at the playoffs.

Oakland Raiders – Al Davis sinks further into dementia, the raiders have another losing season, and Darren McFadden rues the day.

Kansas City Chiefs – The most uncertain team in the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs do have a shot at being better than they look. With a host of changes having been made, and only the Chargers looking really strong, the Chiefs could make waves. But probability still points to Kansas City going through some growing pains.

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