AFC Championship Tickets – The Patriots or the Ravens?

by on January 18, 2012 updated January 18, 2012

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The problem with getting to the end of the NFL season and waiting for the last two games to see who’s going to be in the Super Bowl is that by the time this occurs each team has been exposed, at least to some point. Fans with Ravens vs Patriots AFC Championship tickets are in for a real treat. I think the ravens are going to be hell bent for leather on this one, pushed by a Ray Lewis who know this is probably his last shot at getting that Super Bowl ring.

The Ravens are known for defense and they’ve still got a good one, albeit not the caliber of their 2000 Super Bowl team. But Baltimore will be taking on a new England Patriots team that has one of the best offenses in football, along with a Hall of fame quarterback. Despite that I’m seeing the Ravens defense as holding down the Patriots, not stopping them but keeping them in check.

On the flip side I just don’t see the Patriots defense as having enough to stop the Ravens from scoring. New England has been terrible and despite their performance against Denver, probably haven’t improved that much. Given a great defense and so so offense against a terrible defense and great offense, I’ve got to go with defense. I like the Ravens.

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