AFC Championship Preview and Tickets

by on January 13, 2014 updated January 13, 2014

AFC Championship Tickets – Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots


 The Denver Broncos will be hosting the AFC Championship game this week after making toast of the San Diego Chargers. Guess who’s coming to play? The New England Patriots. This is like an NFL talking head on TV dream matchup. Once again we’re going to be bombarded with the whole Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning scenario. Those guys love to put everything on the quarterback.

 But perhaps they’ve forgotten that the AFC Championship Game isn’t just a contest between quarterbacks, it involves entire teams. In the case of the New England Patriots the Broncos will have to be very aware of LaGarrette Blount, a pounding running back who seems to have exploded into the elite class in just the last few weeks. The Patriots running game averages 234 yards a game, the best in the NFL. Tom Brady just hands the ball off.

 The Broncos come in at #6 in that category with 133 yards on the average. Huge difference until you understand that the #2 team is more than 50 yards behind New England. The Patriots just run the ball tons more than most teams. The good news for Denver is that their defense does play the run very well.

 While we would love to point out that both Brady and manning are among the NFL:’s best we wouldn’t be saying anything you didn’t know. Denver will have the home crowd but lately that hasn’t meant much in the playoffs. Who gets the nod in this game? Whichever team gets the best quarterback ply. Ha!!!

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