A Little Piece of the New York Yankees

by on July 22, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 The New York Yankees have one of the most historic franchises to ever exist. the fact that they’ve been winners over most of their existence is certainly a factor. The colorful ownership of the Steinbrenners, coupled with their tendency to pay whatever it takes to create a contender, have made the New York Yankees a truly iconic team. By extension, that aura extends to Yankees Stadium, because so much of their history can be tied to their home field. Now the Yankees home is brand new but Yankees fans are clamoring for a memory in concrete form.

 Want a piece of the old Yankees Stadium? It can be yours. SteinerSports.com is holding an auction of Yankees stuff that covers just about any budget or craving. Original seats, signs, helmets, balls, and other items hit the market recently and Yankees fans have the bidding gaining speed. After all there’s only one Yankees Stadium (Or there used to be and soon will be again). Get your piece of the House that Ruth Built.

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