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by on March 14, 2009 updated March 14, 2009

 Favre is gone, No Jets no Pack

TO took off but now he’s back

The Detroit Lions no less. OK, stop the poetry right there. TO has a history of destroying teams on the cusp of greatness. Where does he fit in here? The Lions aren’t great nor poised for greatness or even, quite frankly, mediocrity. TO has moved into a demolished house, not his style folks. Close the barn doors ma, there’s a storm a’brewin.

 I’m also here to tell you that the Arizona Cardinals could repeat their division winning ways next season. Mainly because they have no competition in the division. Seattle is a shadow of it’s former self, the Rams are a joke, and the 49ers, well the 49ers might make something out of themselves under Mike Singletary. That being said Shaun Hill will have to improve on his modestly impressive play of late season while acquiring a draft class and free agent flurry of epic proportions.

All eyes will be on the New England Patriots and the return of Tom Brady. Cassell has been dealt without much coming in return so Tom’s the man again. Should the year take it’s toll, the Pats have problems. Problems aggravated by the lack of an every down back, a problem which Slick Bill might handle early in the draft.  


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