76ers vs Bulls Tickets – The Best Record Sucks

by on May 10, 2012 updated May 10, 2012


Philadelphia 76ers Tickets


Apparently having the best record in the Eastern Conference sucks in some situations. In this case, it’s the Chicago Bulls absolutely abysmal luck that makes the whole thing so bad. Running amok through the NBA regular season did the Bulls absolutely no good. In fact it’s probably made this whole playoff scenario much more painful to watch from the point of view of a Chicago Bulls fan. When Lady Luck turns her back on you, you’re just screwed.

The Chicago Bulls were quite clearly the class of the Eastern Conference the whole season and put up 50 wins, playing at a high level for months. Just prior to the playoffs it would be hard to make a case against the Bulls winning the Eastern Conference and advancing into the NBA Finals. But disaster strikes and dreams go out the window. In this case the loss of Derrick Rose has reduced the Chicago Bulls from top contender to outside possibility. It’s not over yet, but the Bulls are facing elimination in Game 6 againts the Philadelphia 76ers.

Of course this is all going over very well in Philly. The Bulls loss is the 76ers gain as they shoot for their first playoff series victory in almost a decade. From there anything can happen as I’m fond of preaching but seriously. could it be anymore painful for Windy City roundball fans? It was all in the palm of their hands and one second later it slipped away. It hurts, and the consolation of being the best team in the Eastern Conference up until that moment, only makes it harder.

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