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49ers Want the K-Man Locked Down But is He Worth It? Nah

updated June 3, 2014by June 3, 2014

The NFL is one tough league and to win you need a quarterback. The San Francisco 49ers know that and they know they already have a prime quarterback in Colin Kaepernick. Or at least a quarterback that could be one of the best in the NFL. Kaepernick has taken the 49ers to a pair of […]

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NFL Tickets – Rugby or the NFL Super Bowl?

updated January 26, 2014by January 26, 2014

OK, so I’ve been in England, in Liverpool to be precise, and I’ve been subject to seeing soccer on TV channels. As you know the English call this “football.” Which is OK, I’m fine with that. But it’s not NFL football. Today I was able to take a few minutes and watch rugby. Super Bowl […]

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NFL Tickets – NFC Top 3 Contenders

updated December 22, 2011by December 22, 2011

NFL Tickets   In the NFC the top NFL tickets in my estimation are these: Green Bay Packers Tickets – The Packers are on an almost unbelievable winning spree, marred only by last week’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. It remains to be seen as to whether the Chiefs found the formula to beating […]

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San Francisco 49ers Tickets – Can the 49ers Win it All?

updated December 20, 2011by December 20, 2011

San Francisco 49ers Playoff Tickets   San Francisco 49ers tickets have turned out to be one of the more surprising NFL tickets of the 2011 NFL season. In a division that’s been a weak sister for so many years, the 49ers have turned it on, demolishing their division opponents, and more importantly, winning on the […]

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Giants at 49ers Tickets – The Unlikelies

updated April 19, 2014by November 10, 2011

Giants@49ers Tickets Candlestick Park   OK, who could have predicted that the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers would combine to create one of the best matchups of the year so far in the NFL. It’s true. The New York Giants are on top of the NFC East right now, and trying to […]

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