49ers Playoff Tickets – Striking Gold

by on January 3, 2012 updated January 3, 2012

San Francisco 49ers Playoff Tickets

49ers Playoff tickets are like finding gold on your morning walk. This is the reward San Francisco 49ers fans get after years of watching their team struggle. That scenario was especially difficult since the 49ers dominated the NFL for so long under Joe Montana and Steve Young. But patience has it’s virtues and now the payoff is here. The San Francisco 49ers will host an NFL Playoff Game on Jan 14th in Candlestick Park.

Right now there are two teams contending to be in Candlestick on Jan 14th, the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints

The New York Giants had to fight for their chance to hit the postseason. In the final regular season game the Giants topped the Dallas Cowboys 31-14 to win the NFC East and the #4 seed. The Giants will face the Falcons, who finished at 10-6, second in the NFC South. While neither of these teams has been able to play with any consistency they do have some talent. The New York Giants rely on Eli Manning to push their offense but have no real studs on that side of the ball. The legacy of the Giants has been up and down season, one of which resulted in a Super Bowl win so they can’t be discounted.

More ominously, the New Orleans Saints could find their way to San Francisco. The Saints are on an 8-game winning streak and have the most prolific offense in NFL history. For fans with 49ers Playoff tickets they pose a very interesting matchup. Can the Saints offense best an NFL leading defense like the San Francisco 49ers have? Flip it over and ask if the 49ers can get their offense grinding out the clock and keep that saints offense off of the field? Odds are it will be the Saints coming to San Francisco. So batten down the hatches and get your 49ers Playoff tickets. It’s gonna be good times in San Francisco.

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