Dancin Dave’s Fantasy Draft

by on August 27, 2007 updated October 1, 2007

So I took Reggie Bush with the third overall pick of my fantasy football draft. I chose Bush over Joseph Addai. My reasoning stemmed from the facts that:
1. Bush was a superstar on a loaded USC team, while Addai split time at LSU.
2. We get points for kick return touchdowns. While Bush may get only two or three of those, it definitely added to his value.
3. We also get points for receptions. Bush is much more of a weapon in the receiving game than Addai.
Still, most people probably think taking Bush third overall in a 14-team draft is way too early. But I have major doubts about Larry Johnson and Frank Gore. Therefore, Bush or Addai, in my eyes, had the biggest chance for a huge season.
Wish me luck and buy New Orleans Saints tickets, Kansas City Chiefs tickets, Indianapolis Colts tickets and San Francisco 49ers tickets to see if I made the right decision.


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