Brooklyn Nets Tickets – It All Adds Up

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Brooklyn Nets Tickets It All Adds Up

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Brooklyn Nets tickets will undergo some major changes in the 2013-14 NBA season and it looks like it’s going to add up to some very good times in Barclays Center. Fans will be treated to a good NBA team, one that has been put together with winning in mind and winning now, not down the line. Jason Kidd has been added as head coach, fresh off his own superstar career and if there’s a coach in the NBA who can relate to his players, it’s Kidd. The huge trade that brought in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will be talked about for years if it pays off with the Brooklyn Nets reaching an NBA Championship. Bring your pencils and do the math. Nets tickets add up to one whale of a season.

The Coach

Jason Kidd needs no introduction, as an NBA player anyway. His career speaks for itself. But the Nets hiring Kidd to coach is certainly one of the more surprising moves this season. Brooklyn was looking to make a new start, get away from the Avery Johnson mode, and maybe the tie-in with Deron Williams made the move just that much easier. Time will tell but with Jason Kidd at the helm the Brooklyn Nets have a coach with a fresh attitude and plenty of NBA smarts. It may not have been the safe move or the traditional move but few NBA teams have won a title by playing it safe.

 The Players

 Deron Williams heads up a brand new lineup and he’ll be carrying the weight of heavy expectation. Williams has been an up and down player. Hopefully surrounding him with a new cast of supporting characters will allow him to break out into the type of leader the Nets thought they had when they acquired him. Williams did seem to be coming into his own in the latter half of last season. If he picks up from there the Nets will be in good shape.

 Joe Johnson will handle the off guard spot and hopefully he’s forgotten a sub-par performance in the playoffs last season. With Paul Pierce at small forward and Kevin Garnett working the power side the Brooklyn Nets should have enough attitude, experience, and talent to make things happen. Finally, Brook Lopez will return as the big man in the middle for Brooklyn. Lopez is solid but hopes are high that he can regain his form when rebounding and aid in the transition game.

 The Total

 Brooklyn Nets tickets are in a much better position in the new season, a position that could result in the Nets challenging deep into the playoffs. It’s going to be an entertaining season as the makeover Nets battle their way through the Atlantic Division. Find your Brooklyn Nets tickets and get ready to start adding things up.

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