August 2014

Colts, Redskins, 49ers – Derailed NFL Dreams?

updated August 29, 2014by August 29, 2014

  ¬†Indianapolis Colts – The Colts have a possible future Hall of fame guy under center in Andrew Luck. Indianapolis also has Reggie Wayne appearing healthy. The Colts schedule is an easy one in 2014 and everything points to Indianapolis winning the AFC South again. But sometimes things go off the rail. Indianapolis needs some […]

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NFL Tickets – Preseason vs Regular Season – Week 1 Picks

updated August 28, 2014by August 28, 2014

    NFL Preseason vs Regular Season   The NFL preseason draws to a close and it’s got me thinking, like it makes most football fans think, of the difference between regular season and preseason. they’re both great but for different reasons. The preseason is a time of excitement as NFL football returns to the […]

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Browns Tickets Take a Hit – Manziel, Gordon, and the Electric Symphony of Acrobatics

updated August 27, 2014by August 27, 2014

    Manziel, Gordon, and the Electric Symphony of Acrobatics Cleveland Browns tickets took a hit today as Josh Gordon will be suspended for the entire 2014 NFL season for failing a drug test. Which bis a shame because with all the hoopla surrounding Johnny Manziel it would have been nice to see them both […]

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Drew Brees – The Baby Daddy — And Other Stuff in the NFL

updated August 26, 2014by August 26, 2014

New Orleans Saints fans found another reason to pay attention to Drew Brees last night as Brees and his wife welcomed a baby daughter to their family. Brees missed a practice, but after missing two weeks of practice, he looked sharp against the Colts so it’s probably not going to destroy the Saints’ season. No […]

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NFL Tickets, News, and a Sleeper Opener

updated August 25, 2014by August 25, 2014

    NFL tickets bring good times and bad times, blowouts and squeakers. I’m going to tip you off to what I think my be the sleeper NFL tickets of the week and by that I don’t mean a game you’ll snooze through. I’m talking about a shocker of a game. But first, some news […]

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