February 2014

NFL News – Combing the Combine

updated February 21, 2014by February 21, 2014

 The NFL Combine is beginning and every NFL team out there will be looking at not only the solid prospects but at finding that diamond in the rough that could provide a franchise altering spark down the line. It’s like shopping at Macy’s for football. Some prospects will pay off, some will peter out. The […]

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Nothing Like Nascar

updated February 20, 2014by February 20, 2014

 There’s nothing like NASCAR. Ask anyone who’s been to a NASCAR race and they’ll tell you all about it. The Month of February and March are packed with all the NASCAR action you could want. here’s a quick heads up on all the NASCAR tickets we have available for the next few weeks.  Auto racing […]

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NFL News – Just Some Stuff

updated February 19, 2014by February 19, 2014

Here’s a rambling, gambling, gumbo of thoughts about the NFL.      New Orleans Saints – The Saints may be better off if they can get two #1 picks for Jimmy Graham and it pains me to say that. Graham is a beast when he’s on. But he was shut down several times this season […]

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NFL – Saints make Cuts

updated February 13, 2014by February 13, 2014

 The New Orleans Saints defense may have been the most improved unit in the NFL last season, advancing ffrom a last place spot in 2012 to a Top 10 spot in 2014 under new coordinator Rob Ryan. That improvement wasn’t evident today though as the New Orleans Saints cut some well known names to get […]

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NFL Tickets – The Problem With Great Quarterbacks

updated February 11, 2014by February 11, 2014

 There’s a problem in the NFL with having a great quarterback. More specifically there’s a problem with having a quarterback who’s proven himself great. I know, I know. the argument is that great quarterbacks don’t grow on trees and every team in the NFL is looking for their franchise quarterback. Fine. But once you find […]

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