2014 Detroit Lions – Hey, How About a Finish?

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 The Detroit Lions Schedule Ends Tough

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The Detroit Lions were one simple item away from a post-season appearance in 2013: A strong finish. The Lions were sitting pretty at 6-3 last year and finished at 7-9, a terrible streak that dashed the hopes of Detroit fans everywhere.    The 2014 NFL season now looms ahead and the Lions, on paper at least, seem prepared to compete in the NFC North. The quarterback is in place, Megatron (Calvin Johnson) is a beast, new Head Coach Jim Caldwell brought in Golden Tate to add firepower to the passing game, and Reggie Bush fits wells into the offense. In addition, the 2014 NFL draft yielded another passing option in 1st Round pick Eric Ebron. So, for all the Lions ticket holders out there who have stuck by this franchise, how about a strong finish to a season.

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There are some big games in 2014 which the Detroit Lions will have to win in order to stay abreast in the NFC North. If you’re like us though, you’re watching the last few weeks of the Lions 2014 schedule. Here’s how that looks.

Nov 23rd – Lions at New England Patriots – A very tough gig here, playing in New England against one of the perpetual playoff teams of the AFC.

 Nov. 27th – Lions vs Chicago Bears – A home game against an NFC North opponent projected to be a playoff contender.

 Dec 7th – Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Lovie Smith returns to the scene of the crime with a new team some say will be much improved.

 Dec. 14th – Lions vs Minnesota Vikings – Another divisional game. The Vikings are an enigma.

 Dec 21st. – Lions at Chicago Bears – For the second time in a month the Detroit Lions will play the Bears, this time in Chicago.

Dec 28th – Lions at Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford will duel it out. The Lions may have an edge on defense here.


These are the final six games of the Detroit Lions 2014 schedule. It was during this time period last season when Detroit folded their tents and lost a playoff shot. Pay attention and see if JIm Caldwell, known for being even keeled and consistent, can keep his team in the hunt.


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