2014 Colts Tickets – They’re Hot, …and Luck…Y

by on August 21, 2014 updated August 21, 2014

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Indianapolis Colts tickets were hot when Peyton Manning was around. It seems as if the Indianapolis Colts have pulled off a rare feat in the NFL, which is choosing two Pro Bowl caliber quarterbacks back to back. Make no mistake, Andrew Luck is the engine behind the Colts and after two season is ready to push both the Patriots and the Broncos for AFC control.

When you draft a quarterback with your first pick, and it’s a high pick in the overall draft, you have two choices: Start him immediately and see what you have, knowing you may struggle at times, or, let him ride the bench and learn. The Colts threw Luck into the fire and he’s seen steady improvement in two seasons, dropping his interceptions and proving himself to be cool under pressure. Who can forget his playoff victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, leading Indianapolis back from a 35-10 deficit? If anything, Luck gets better under pressure.

The NFL football of luck can roll in funny ways but for the Colts it’s rolling in all the right ways. In 2014, Indianapolis is watching everything fall into place, at least in the AFC South. The Colts 2014 schedule is an easy one, on paper, as they say. The toughest games will come against the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals, and New England Patriots. Certainly there could be a surprise along the way, but when you have six games against the Texans, Titans, and Jaguars, that’s a pretty good start to a winning season and Colts ticket holders are already writing those contests in as wins.

Andrew Luck is thriving in the new offense of Pep Hamilton, taking advantage of his quick release. If Trent Richardson pays off, the offensive line jells, and Ty Hamilton and Donte Moncrief continue to excel, the Indianapolis Colts are playoff bound for sure.

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