December 2013

RedskinDilemna – Some Questions

updated December 12, 2013by December 12, 2013

 The debacle going on in Washington is a good illustration of just how fickle the NFL can be. It’s also a good lesson in some other areas. To begin with, I don’t believe anyone saw this coming. Robert Griffin III tore it up last season. Was he waylaid by his knee injury? Was he returned […]

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NFL Tickets – Rankings Schmankings – My Top 5

updated December 10, 2013by December 10, 2013

 They’re out again and we all love them. Unless your team is way down at the bottom. Of course we’re talking NFL rankings and practically everywhere you look on the web you’ll see them. Each site has it;s opinion. Mostly, I just make this stuff up as I go along. Here’s my Top 5.   […]

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Seahawks at 49ers – Speculation

updated December 8, 2013by December 8, 2013

 The Seattle Seahawks have now clinched a spot in the NFL playoffs. They can also wrap up the NFC West with a win in San Francisco today. As well as the Seahawks are playing, this is not a done deal. There are a few things that could disrupt this apple cart for another week.   […]

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NFL Tickets – Seahawks Take Control (Of Everything)

updated December 3, 2013by December 3, 2013

 Full disclosure. I’m a fan of the New Orleans Saints.      That said, I’m also a fan of honesty and honestly, the Seattle Seahawks are one amazing football team. I believe last night proved the Seahawks are the team of destiny in the NFC. In one fell swoop Seattle has proven that they can […]

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Broncos Seize AFC West, Top Chiefs 35-28

updated December 1, 2013by December 1, 2013

 All season long NFL ticket holders have been looking forward to finding out which of the teams from the AFC West was going to prevail. It’s not over yet but the Denver Broncos made a strong statement today, using five touchdowns from Peyton Manning to top the Kansas City Chiefs 35-28.  This was a huge […]

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