December 2013

NFL Tickets – Playoff Picture Clears

updated December 22, 2013by December 22, 2013

 NFL tickets are bringing us ever closer to the ultimate payoff which is of course the chance to get into the playoffs and maybe, just maybe, end up in the Super Bowl. Home field advantage is a real thing but there have been enough teams taking the Wild Card route to the Super Bowl to […]

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NFL Tickets – Quarterbacks Bear the Brunt of It

updated December 19, 2013by December 19, 2013

 It’s no secret that NFl quarterbacks bear the brunt of the blame when things go wrong. They are the face of their team, the guy who gets the ball more than anyone and usually the guy who brings home the biggest paycheck. So it’s no surprise that losses get pinned squarely on their back. If […]

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Colts vs Chiefs – Top NFL Tickets

updated December 18, 2013by December 18, 2013

 Colts vs Chiefs tickets are one the better NFL tickets this week. Both the Colts and the Chiefs are looking to gain ground in the AFC and the only way to do that is to win. What we may be seeing this Sunday is a preview of a playoff game on the AFC side of […]

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Cowboys Falter Against Pack

updated December 17, 2013by December 17, 2013

 If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan you got thrown farther than a rodeo rider from a loco weed crazed bucking bronc on this one. OK, that was a little over the top but you know what I mean. How do the Dallas Cowboys blow a 23-point lead in the second half?     The most […]

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NFL Tickets – Upset Cities

updated December 15, 2013by December 15, 2013

 NFL tickets struck again this weekend, bringing the unlikley to our doorsteps. Once again we’ve seen that in the NFL the phrase “Any Given Sunday” is alive and well and working overtime. This week we saw two NFL favorites bite the dust to teams that haven’t done a whole lot.      The New England […]

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