October 2013

NBA Tickets – Picking the Western Conference

updated October 24, 2013by October 24, 2013

Here are our picks for NBA tickets in the Western Conference. These are the three teams we think have the best chance to make their mark in the conference. As always we expect to be wrong in some cases as injury and circumstance overcome strength on paper. But, if you’re picking out your NBA tickets […]

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NBA Tickets – Picking the Eastern Conference

updated April 19, 2014by October 24, 2013

NBA tickets are ready to rock and roll their way through the 2013-14 NBA season and of course there are some question marks. It’s early yet but we thought we’d go out on a limb and pick out which teams we think will come out on top of their division. There are some tough choices […]

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NFL Rankings – Our Take on NFL Tickets

updated October 22, 2013by October 22, 2013

Once again another week has passed in the NFL and we’re faced with deciding which teams in the NFL should be placed in the upper echelon and all the way to the bottom. After all, when you’re deciding which NFL tickets should be on your wish list you’d like to pick the most timely, the […]

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NFL Tickets – Broncos Fall to Colts

updated October 21, 2013by October 21, 2013

Somehow. some way, the Indianapolis Colts have done what six other teams just could not do in the 2013 NFL season. The Colts managed to keep the Denver offense off balance, force some questionable throws from Peyton Manning, and lay a loss on a Broncos team that has looked every bit unstoppable so far.   […]

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NFL Tickets – Surprises

updated October 20, 2013by October 20, 2013

As usual there are a few surprises in the NFL this week. But nothing major. The biggest surprise to me is that right it’s halftime in the Colts vs Broncos game and Indianapolis seems to have everything under control. It’s way too early to give them the win but the Colts defense has kept Manning […]

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