October 2012

NFL Tickets – Week 5 Matchups I Like

updated October 6, 2012by October 4, 2012

    NFL tickets in Week 5 offers some interesting matchups, maybe not important ones but games that I think could offer some interesting insights into the whole NFL world. On Sunday, suspended New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton will be allowed to attend the Saints vs Chargers game in the Superdome. This is […]

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RG3 – OK I’m Impressed

updated October 2, 2012by October 2, 2012

    I have to say up front that I’ve always found the introduction of rookie quarterbacks into the NFL as being overdone. Too often we hear about the “can’t miss” kid coming out of college who’s a sure thing to a great star in the world of pro football. To which I usually reply […]

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NFL Tickets – 4 to watch

updated October 1, 2012by October 1, 2012

    The NFL season is now a quarter of the way through the schedule and as usual there are some surprise teams out there, both good and bad. We all know that the NFL is unpredictable, which is kind of what makes NFL tickets so great. We’d all like our favorite team to be […]

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