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Atlanta Falcons tickets could finally deliver in 2012. At least deliver more than a playoff spot and a 1st Round exit, which has been the pattern of late. What’s different in 2012 for the Atlanta Falcons? Well, not a whole lot roster wise although the Falcons did make some changes. Working with the idea that the talent was in place, Head Coach Mike Smith decided changes had to be made on the coaching end of the team and installed Dirk Koetter as Offensive Coordinator and Mike Nolan on the defensive side.

Koetter likes to throw the ball deep and he’ll have Matt Ryan and Roddy White to handle that part of the offense. Perhaps more important will be the transition from Michael Turner, who’s getting a little long in the tooth, to the younger Jacquizz Rodgers, a promising running back in his second season. Keeping Turner fresh could make the difference in some late season games and the playoffs. In the passing games the Falcons are banking on Julio Jones avoiding the sophomore slump and becoming highly productive within this new offense.

Mike Nolan is a very highly regarded coordinator and is expected to implement a variety of schemes alternating between the 4-3 and 3-4. The absence of Curtis Lofton, who signed with the Saints, could have a negative impact on the Falcons run stopping ability. Pass defense should be enhanced with the signing of Asante Samuel, who’ll team up with Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes to give Atlanta one of the better cornerback sets in the NFC South.

Falcons tickets and their success will hinge heavily on how the New Orleans Saints handle their offseason woes. There’s little doubt that the Atlanta Falcons have a window here, one that slam shut quickly and put Mike Smith on the outs if the opportunity isn’t seized with a vengeance.

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