August 2011

Panthers Tickets – Newtons Law

updated August 21, 2011by August 21, 2011

I’m not a fan of the Carolina Panthers and I can’t remember Newtons Law. Was it something to do with gravity? No, that was another guy. Maybe Newton didn’t even have a law. Who knows? Certainly not me. What I do know is that the whole Cam Newton thing is pretty interesting to me. Here […]

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Packers Tickets – The Repeat

updated April 19, 2014by August 21, 2011

Can the Green Bay Packers come back and repeat as Super Bowl Champs? Seems like we talk about this every NFL season and every NFL season it gets more difficult to do it. It’s been awhile since a Super Bowl Champ even got back to the game. But every NFL season we look for reasons […]

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Patriots Tickets – Finishing the Season

updated April 19, 2014by August 18, 2011

Any discussion of the AFC has to start with the New England Patriots. This is a team that has been a proven performer, consistently makes the playoffs, and has won their share of Super Bowl glory. But over the past few seasons high expectations have resulted in gig disappointments. After finishing at 14-2 the Patriots […]

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Golf Tickets – Tiger, Rory, and the Deevolution of Golf

updated August 11, 2011by August 11, 2011

For may a decade the game of golf was elitist. Golf tickets were a sure fire way to catch a bunch of ruling class divas playing an effeminate game, swilling fine wine, and generally walking around with a snooty attitude because they could keep out the riff raff. But things have changed, although it took […]

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Revenge is Sweet

updated August 8, 2011by August 8, 2011

If you follow the game of golf you couldn’t have missed the comments by Steve Williams after he caddied his newest charge to a win last week. Williams, who was with Tiger Woods in 13 major tournament wins, called it “the greatest week of his life.” Nothing like an emotional dig at the boss who […]

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