June 2011

NFL Lockout – Not Looking Good

updated June 5, 2011by June 5, 2011

Of course it could end at any time, but from what went on in a courtroom the other day it might be a good long time before we see NFL football. It’s all about money, but in this case it’s about being the guy with the power to control the money. The NFL owners want […]

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A-Rod – Guilt by Association

updated July 5, 2014by June 4, 2011

At what point do we begin questioning the guilt or innocence of someone? Does just hanging around a known bad guy make you a bad guy? Is it possible to spend time with an individual and not participate in questionable or illegal behavior? Of course it is. I ask this question because A-Rod of the […]

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NFL Tickets – Yak Yak

updated June 4, 2011by June 4, 2011

At some point the NFL talking has to stop, and then begin again in earnest. Those of us who buy NFL tickets are beginning to get a little po’d about the whole thing. Both sides have understandable positions. Players want to protect their long term interests. Owners want to maintain a profitable model for the […]

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U2 Tickets – Bono Gets a Ride

updated April 19, 2014by June 1, 2011

Here’s one the more unusual episodes that happens to famous people. It seems that Bono and his assistant were wandering around West Vancouver, British Columbia the other day when it started to rain. Now you’d think that a guy like Bono would have limo following him around or something. But no, apparently Bono just rolls […]

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