June 2011

NBA Tickets – Here We Go Again

updated June 30, 2011by June 30, 2011

As if we didn’t already have a season filled with speculation and uncertainty. Come Friday, the NBA collective bargaining agreement is set to expire, and like their brethren on the gridiron, NBA players don’t believe they are even close to getting a fair bargain with the owners. Here we go again. NBA players are looking […]

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Golf and Pot – Which is Better?

updated April 19, 2014by June 29, 2011

Apparently for Roger Garrigus, the answer is golf. There’s a really good article on Golf Digest about Roger Garrigus and his recent Phoenix-like rise from the ashes of alcohol and drugs. While I have always been a tolerant guy, I know that people with enough talent to play golf on a PGA Tour can’t do […]

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Come on Already, NFL

updated June 29, 2011by June 29, 2011

For God’s sake, how hard can it be to split $9 billion dollars and not come away feeling pretty good about your deal. Now I’m not stupid enough to believe that the NFL players and NFL owners are thinking about the fans and the good of the game of football. I’m also not stupid enough […]

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NFL Tickets – Re-Fueled by Money

updated June 21, 2011by June 21, 2011

NFL tickets are getting ready to be re-fueled in my opinion. While we’ve all been sitting around watching the NFL owners and players tossing around accusations and bluster, our NFL tickets have been sitting on the shelf, or worse yet, still sitting on the shelves of the box office. But reading between the lines, I […]

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Cardinals Tickets – Pining for Pujols

updated April 19, 2014by June 21, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals tickets have been banging away at the NL Central as the Cards make a run at the postseason. It’s been a torturous run, a rally achieved despite the growing mountain of injuries on the Cardinals roster. Still, heading into this week, the St. Louis Cardinals were leading a wave in the division, […]

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