2011 Kentucky Derby Tickets

by on March 20, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Before we get too far along, we need to be thinking about Kentucky Derby tickets. In 2011, the Kentucky Derby falls on May 7th according to my calendar, a day which will probably find me on the infield of Churchill Downs, guzzling a strange brew of mint julep and beer. Before long, Kentucky Derby fans will have me tossed out, it’s almost a sure thing.

Just kidding, I’ve never been tossed out of the Kentucky Derby. I have however, been dragged out of my hotel room the next day and unceremoniously tossed in a cab to the airport. But I think that was my friends and not Kentucky Derby police. But I can’t swear to that.

Anyway, with only a few weeks in March and April dividing us from the 2011 Kentucky Derby, it’s time to start thinking about Kentucky Derby tickets. I like the infield but then again I’m a crowd kind of guy. Ladies in their finest, good drinks, great food, it all adds up to my perfect Kentucky Derby party. Now if it would only rain and everyone get sloppy, that would be the capper.

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