2009 Dallas Cowboys Tickets – Viva La Difference?

by on July 5, 2009 updated July 5, 2009

 This ain’t your fathers Dallas Cowboys. Or even the Dallas Cowboys of 2008. At least Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys ticket holders hope it isn’t. Realistically, the Dallas Cowboys of last season should have been in the Super Bowl. On paper that is. Unfortunately, NFL football is played on a field. You could even make the argument that NFL football is played predominantly in the mind. And the mind is where the Cowboys just didn’t get it last season.

Translating talent and potential into performance on the field is the job of every NFL head coach. Wade Philips just didn’t get the job done. So as the 2009 NFL season unfolds you’ll find a different approach by the leader of America’s Tea. Philips cut loose his biggest distraction by letting T.O. scamper off to Detroit. The cut gives Tony Romo every opportunity to take command of the Cowboys and make it his team, as well as loosening up the purse strings. With T.O. gone now Philips can concentrate on coaching.

 Speaking of which, the head coach will now assume more of an onhands role in defensive playcalling. That leads Jason Garrett to handle the offense, where he didn’t really shine last season. Make no mistake, 2009 is a major year for both Garrett and Philips. Win and they’ll see 2010, lose and it’s the unemployment line. A defining factor will be the presence of Roy Williams. Trading with the Detroit Lions and giving up three draft picks means the onus is on for Williams to replace Owens and do it in a positive way.

 On the other side of the ball the Dallas Cowboys also bid adieu to safety Roy Williams and not just to end confusion on the roster. Williams was seen as a detriment to the pass defense and the other big name, PacMan Jones, was just too much trouble for too little result. So the Cowboys secondary will read more like Jenkins- Scandrick-Newman.

 Cowboys tickets are at a crossroads. The new Cowboys Stadium is a master piece, one of the best stadiums in the NFL if not the best. Fittingly, the Cowboys will open their home season against the New York Giants, then host their first Monday Night Football game against the Carolina Panthers the very next week. With the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Diego Chargers all on the slate for Cowboys Stadium, it’s a good year for Cowboys tickets.  


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